Skrivarhelg, Skriv din livsberättelse 2020-10-23 - 2020-10-25
Skrivarhelg - skriv din livsberättelse.
På stiftsgården Stjärnholm 23-25 oktober
Fredag kl. 14.00 - söndag kl. 12.00.

Kostnad 4100:- inkl. kost och logi i enkelrum.

Kostnad 2200:- exkl. logi.
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    Invoicing When the invoice is to be sent to a unit within the church (pin, parish / pastorate, national level) the recipient must be selected from the list that appears when entering the name of the unit in the Invoice Recipient field. Unless the billing address is correct, it needs to be updated in "Kyrksam", then it will work next day in "Anmälan".
    Other participants must click in the External Billing Receiver box and enter the information themselves. In the Organizational Number, the invoice recipient's organizational number is an alternate personal identification number if it is a private individual. In other cases, enter the text: MISSING
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